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valid until August 31st, 2024
  • Event Notifications: Stay updated on all UTSSC events and trips
  • Community Access: Network and socialize with other ski and snowboard enthusiasts
  • Upgradeable: Upgrade to the All-Access Pass at any time
  • Ikon Pass Holders: Potentially beneficial for Ikon Pass Holders who also have their own equipment
  • Membership Access with a Surcharge: For day trips, there is a $15 surcharge, and for multi-day trips, the surcharge is $30. This option is ideal if you plan to join only one of our day trips.
  • Limited Access to Special Events: Not eligible for food or beverages at our social events
  • No Deposit Support: Responsible for paying full deposit amounts for trips upfront

Important Notice

We, as student volunteers, are here to support our diverse U of T student community. Please treat us with respect as we strive to assist you in the best possible way.

Stay Updated

Stay updated on all UTSSC trips and events by receiving up to date e-mails about all our plans for the school year!


Network and socialize with other ski and snowboard enthusiasts. You will become a part of a vibrant, friendly, and close ski family!


limited spots available
Starting at $20
  • Exclusive Pricing: No surcharge on any products or services
  • Priority Booking: Get first dibs on trips and special events
  • Member-Only Events: Access to special events including summer session club socials. Also includes food and beverages at our events
  • Financial Perks: Financial perks includes rebate on large trips and coverage of certains social events including refreshments
  • Deposit Support: Financial support for large trips which means a portion of your membership fee is allocated to helo cover the upfront deposits required to secure affordable pricing 6 months in advance which reduces your trip cost
  • Prize Giveaways: Eligible for prize giveaways (last year we gave out a free Ikon Pass)

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We have established this year an official membership for our club. By signing up, you become a member of our rad club. The aim of this membership is to create a close-knit ski and snowboard family. By purchasing a membership, you not only help keeping our club running to its fullest ability, but also get access to many perks! All funds that we obtain go straight into our club and as such, we can run more fun events and have more giveaways and contests!

Please note that a membership does not qualify you for the Ikon Pass discount. You need to be a post-secondary student.

Select the desired membership below and click next!
Please read the comparison above for details, as transitioning between memberships may require some consideration. We recommend the All-Access membership for multiple trips and exclusive perks You can upgrade your membership at anytime by contacting us through our website's contact section.

All membership types require you to be a current student at a University or College. Alumni All-Access is for U of T alumni only.


Our memberships are only available to university/college students and UofT alumni.

Unfortunately, not. We enforce memberships to participate in our trips and most of the social events. Luckily, we have different memberships applicable to everyone 😊

Your membership lasts for the whole year; that is until August 2024.

It goes into funding our administration costs, social events, giveaways, and trip deposits so that we can secure the best possible rates which are often 6 months in advance. 

If you are a UofT student, you are eligible for a refund up to one month after your purchase.

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