The Mentorship Academy

(BEGINNER LESSONS) – A 90 minute session with an experienced instructor that will focus on honing basic skills such as speed control, turning, and stopping. Ideal for brand new skiers or beginner skiers stuck on the Magic Carpet/Green Slopes (Beginner Slopes).


 (INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED LESSONS) – A 90-minute session with detailed focus on parallel skiing that progresses towards using your edges for carving, plus gaining confidence on steeper slopes and higher speeds. Ideal for skiers who can handle Blue Slopes (Intermediate Slopes) and want to progress their skills on Blue Hills and higher.

Find Your Perfect Lesson

Match your skills to the best fit lessons for you by answering some questions! This will ensure you are placed in a lesson best suited for your skill level.


1 to 4 Student Ratio
$ 44
Including Tax – Blue Mountain Pricing Example
  • 90 Minute Lesson
  • In Depth Skill Improvement
  • End of Lesson Report for Future Steps


1 to 10 Student Ratio
$ 79
NOT Including Tax – Blue Mountain Pricing Example
  • 60 Minute Lesson
  • Overcrowded Groups
  • Overpriced

Become a

Join the many UTSSC Mentors who strive to make skiing a more accessible and beginner friendly sport! As a mentor, you will be teaching lessons to UTSSC members on our available trips. More details on the responsibilities and commitments involved will be provided to you as we approach the Winter Season. Benefits Include: Free Ticket or Free Transportation and Food


    • You are an advanced skier or snowboarder
    • You can explain and demonstrate the basics of the sport
    • You can spot areas for improvement and provide constructive criticism
    • You can be patient and understanding


    • You will follow lesson and safety guidelines provided to you
    • Your mentees have improved their skills. For example: a brand new skier understands weight transfer for turning and speed control
    • Complete lesson evaluations at the end of each lesson for UTSSC records


Yes, absolutely! Many of our beginner lessons are designed for new skiers!

At the beginning of the day on UTSSC trips!

Yes! We partner with resorts to provide discounted rentals for our members.

NO! Please refer to our guidelines for equipment and what to wear.

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